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Management Philosophy / History




‘Contribute to The Happiness Of People, Create A Spiritually Rich Society’

We, FFI Group, conduct our business activities for making people feel happy with rich hearts and smiles since our foundation in 2002.
Especially in Japan with increasing aging population, a lot of people are upset about their future regarding financial problems including health and pension.
Also, with the decreasing communication within the neighborhood, the tendency of feeling alone in the daily life is becoming a big social problem nowadays.
In an era like this, we, FFI Group, call for relentless efforts in promoting business that can solve these problems and help people, support the dreams and hopes of most people and targets at an enriched world that is filled with happiness and sympathy.


Aim for a trustworthy company which can satisfy our customers by providing high quality products and services.

Support the people who wish to be independent and contribute to the people who needs support.

Pursue the happiness of all our stakeholders including customers, clients, our staff and their families.

Business area

We, Final Future International, conduct health care, communications and financial business as our three key pillar business.



2002 April Establishment
  May Business Started
Production and sales of functional food started
2003 May Production and sales of basic cosmetics started
2004 June Production and sales of sun-care cosmetics started
  December Production and sales of make-up cosmetics started
2005 June Acquired license for manufacturing and distribution cosmetics License Number 23C0X10006
2007 April Displayed advertisement board at CHUBU CENTRAIR International Airport
  September Displayed advertisement board at JR Nagoya Station Grand Vision
2010 April Acquired patent for ‘composition having lipolysis-promotive effect’ Patent No. 4493725
2011 May Acquired patent for ‘Adiponectin production accelerating composition’ Patent No. 4750213
2015 April Displayed advertisement board at JR Nagoya Station Twin Vision
2016 October Established Group Company ‘Genetic Bio-Lab Pte. Ltd’
2017 May Reception of registration statement of electric communication
2018 January Telecommunication business started